Silver Springs Organics Disclaimers


We Do Not Accept

  • Non-degradable materials, garbage, trash, plastics, metals, etc.
  • Human bio-solids, animal carcasses, etc.
  • Treated, painted, stained, or laminated woods.


  • All rates are FOB and are subject to change without advance notice.
  • Mixed waste loads will be charged at the highest material rate within the load.
  • If your waste is not on the list, please call or inquire at the office for acceptability.
  • Discount Commercial Contract Rates and Accounts available upon request.

Right of Refusal

  • We reserve the right to refuse any load and any customer for any reason.

Contaminated Loads

  • We reserve the right to reject and reload any off-loaded materials deemed excessively contaminated with non-acceptable materials, including but not limited to the items listed above.
  • Owner of the load will be subject to reloading fees or contamination disposal fees.

At the discretion of management, contamination disposal fees up to $100.00 per ton​ of the weight of the entire load may be charged in place of the original fee.

Contaminated loads requiring reloading will be subject to a reload fee of $15.50​ per ton.